Fire Safe North America is a broad based coalition of experts, companies and association members, also representing manufacturers and suppliers of fire and life safety products, materials and systems.



Fire Safe North America has evolved from its predecessor, the Alliance for Fire and Smoke Containment and Control, Inc. (AFSCC). Executive director, Ms. Vickie Lovell, explained that the name change will not alter the original mission of the organization, but is intended to reflect the expanded focus and objectives of the organization. Ms. Lovell continued, “Fire Safe North America will continue to promote building design through the concept of safety layering of essential fire and smoke protection features. The scope of Fire Safe North America has expanded to include promoting enhanced building resiliency as another of its primary objectives.”

In addition to increased life safety, enhanced resiliency includes increased building longevity, durability, and more opportunity for adaptability, reuse and increased resistance to disasters. “With an increasing desire to protect the environment, and dwindling funds for disaster mitigation and post disaster recovery, communities are beginning to demand construction that is more durable than that provided by the minimum requirements in the current building code”, noted Riley Archer, President of Fire Safe North America.

Fire Safe North America will continue with a strong and active participation with the codes and standards development process through the National Fire Protection Association and the International Code Council, as well as extending their efforts to include codes and standards involvement in Canada. Through various committees and study groups, Fire Safe North America will be a resource for articles, test reports, research documents, and other information promoting the need for fire safety layering in building design.

Fire Safe North America is a companion organization to Fire Safe Europe, and will cooperate with Fire Safe Europe to accomplish similar objectives.