Advisory Committees


FSNA Advisory Committees

FSNA Board of Directors appoints qualified individuals to serve in an advisory capacity to provide technical substantiation on specific topics, scientifically defensible positioning, non-proprietary perspective, and academic credentials. Committees currently accepting applications are as follows:

Fire Science Advisory Committee. This committee is intended to engage the expertise of fire service professionals and others fire science experts to help direct FSNA on technical issues pertaining to the causes and prevention of structural fires, emergency response, disaster mitigation and recovery, and related resiliency issues.

Health Care Advisory Committee.This committee is made up of FSNA members who will engage representatives from the health care industry for the purposes of a mutually beneficial exchange on code issues that impact the health care industry and safety layering.

Code Officials Advisory Committee. This committee is made up of code enforcement professionals who participate in the code development process to help position FSNA correctly on code proposals, code adoption and code enforcement issues relevant to issues related to fire and life safety and building resiliency.