FSNA Goals

FSNA members and contributors are companies, organizations, and individuals within the construction industry who share the following goals:

    • To promote fire and smoke resistant construction as an essential part of a “balanced fire protection design”
    • To promote life safety, property protection and public welfare which includes building resiliency, increased building longevity, durability, and more opportunity for adaptability, reuse and increased resistance to disasters.
    • To educate and inform code officials and designers on life safety, property protection and the long term benefits of resilent building design
    • To promote fire fighter safety and facilitate fire fighting activities
    • To promote the essential fire protection features that complement automatic suppression and enhance building resiliency, as follows:
  • Containment by means of Barriers, Fire Rated Floors, Walls, Ceilings and Roof Assemblies
  • Structural Fire Protection
  • Protection Of Joints, Openings, and Penetrations
  • HVAC System Containment/Control Features such as Fire And Smoke Dampers
  • Smoke Management utilizing Smoke and Heat Vents, Pressurization, and Engineered Systems
  • Protection of Vertical Openings by means of Perimeter Protection, Fire Rated Enclosures, and Fire Rated Doors And Curtains
  • Protection of the Components of the Means of Egress