On New Year’s Eve 2015, in Dubai, flames engulfed the exterior of the luxury 63-story hotel, ‘The Address’. The fire – the third major skyscraper fire in Dubai since 2012 – also ignited concerns about the use of highly combustible materials on the exterior facades of hundreds of skyscrapers throughout the UAE and around the world.

Fire Safe North America participates on an NFPA 5000 Task Group on Building Exteriors and promotes the implementation of NFPA’s Standard 285. This standard provides a standardized fire test procedure for evaluating the suitability of specific exterior wall assemblies under fire conditions.

Some states have begun to use combustible materials on the exterior walls in tall buildings, foregoing the NFPA 285 requirement for the cost savings associated with less expensive, lighter weight combustible materials. FSNA wrote letters to the governors, building officials and fire marshals of these states, discouraging them from permitting their state legislature to delete this NFPA standard from their state building codes.

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